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A Brief History

The F.X. McRory building was constructed in 1906 for the Stewart and Holmes Drug Company, one of the city’s largest and oldest enterprises. And, as incongruous as it may seem, Stewart and Holmes was Seattle’s largest wholesaler of fine American whiskeys. Immediately west of this property was “Madame Damnable’s” house of ill repute. In 1929 McKesson-Robbins purchased the McRory building from the Stewart and Holmes Drug Company, and owned it until 1977.
Since opening day, November 22, 1977, Mick McHugh and his great staff have made it a point to serve food and beverages that are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please bring it to our attention immediately.

The Menu

All F.X. McRory’s beef is locker-aged a minimum of 21 days. The house specialty, Roasting Box Beef, is prime rib slowly roasted for several hours, a process which retains the natural red juices of the beef and ensures an incredibly tender cut of meat. The prime rib is carved to order to your specifications and served with our signature grated fresh horseradish. The tender, flavorful steaks are hand-selected by our executive chef to our specifications and represent what we consider to be the finest obtainable.

McRory’s stand-up oyster bar has kept a time-honored American custom alive and well in Seattle.  The oyster is a gastronomical delight, the most tender morsel from the sea. At the bar or at your table,  a minimum of six oyster varieties are featured daily and shucked to-order. McRory’s clam chowder, with Northwest clams, is a treat not to be missed.

The Street Clock

“I’ll meet you at the McRory’s clock” is a frequent saying for folks looking for a Pioneer Square landmark to meet up. Though the clock is now a fixture on the corner of Occidental Avenue South and South King Street it has an interesting past and has had several homes in different Seattle-area neighborhoods.

Built around 1905 by master clock-maker Joseph Mayer, the timepiece is thought to have been first used at the intersection of First and Union in downtown Seattle. Over the years, it has had homes in Ballard, Magnolia (where Mick McHugh first saw it) and Kirkland. F.X. McRory’s purchased the clock and installed it in November 1992 to mark the 15th anniversary of the restaurant. The clock face reads “Time to Dine” but Mick McHugh likes to joke that in the current challenging economic climate, a more appropriate saying is “Time to Drink!”




F.X. McRory’s Steak Chop & Oyster House
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